Decision-Making Webinars

We hold regular webinars to teach the best practices of decision-making and to train organizations how to effectively use the Paramount Decisions software. Our software is based on peer review scientific research.

Decision-Making 101

  • Why Decision-making Methods Matter
  • An Introduction to Choosing By Advantages
  • Choosing By Advantages Steps
  • Choosing By Advantages Examples
  • Importance of Advantages vs. Cost Graph
  • Choosing By Advantages Tips
  • An Introduction to Paramount Decisions
Decision-making 201

  • Creating a New Project & Decision
  • Adding Collaborators
  • Using a Template
  • Generating Reports
  • Changing a Decision Status
  • Adding Tasks and Email Notifications
  • Uploading Files & Saving Version History
Decision-Making 301

  • Different Types of Decision-making Methods
  • Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
  • Weighting Rating & Calculating (WRC)
  • Why CBA is superior to AHP & WRC
  • Biases in Group Decision-making
  • Reaching Consensus in Complex Decisions
  • Decision-making as a Competitive Advantage