Getting Started

Chapter 7: Templates

Paramount Decisions allows you to create templates for common decisions. This will help you reuse past data to make decisions even faster.

7.1 View all templates

Your 3 most recent or active templates will be shown in your dashboard. To view all Decisions, click View All, or go to the Template page from the left navigation menu.

Inside the template page, your starred templates will be placed in the top, while all other templates are placed below. Each template is placed on a template box, with some key info regarding the template such as: Collaborators, Tags, Last Update.

Star a template to make it easier to find in the top of the template page. To star a template, click on the star on the template box and it will turn to blue .

To view a template:

  1. Hover over the template box.
  2. Click on View Template to view or edit the template.

Click on the dropdown list to:

  • To Create a Decision from this template
  • To Add Collaborators to this template.
  • To Clone the template. This will replicate the template and create a new copy.
  • To Delete the template.

7.2 Create a new template

You can create a new template in 2 ways:

  • You can create a template from an existing decision
  • You can create a template from scratch
  1. Click on Decision Page from the left navigation menu
  2. Hover over a decision, and click on the dropdown menu
  3. Click Create as Template.

The Alternatives and Factor & Criteria ( Step 2 and 3 from the decision-making process) from this decision will be transformed into a template that you can reuse in future decisions. The other steps ( such as attributes, advantages etc) need to be filled in each decision, as those data often vary for each decision.

To create a template from scratch:

  1. Click on the Template Page from the left navigation menu
  2. Scroll down to the end of the page and click Create a New Template
  3. Type the Template Name, Objective and Tags
  4. Click Create Template
  5. Add Alternatives to the template: You can do it by clicking on Add Alternative and type in the alternative name and description. You can also upload an image for each alternative
  6. Add Factors & Criteria to the template: Click on Factors & Criteria from the tab menu, and click Add Factor. Type the factor name, and define the must and want criteria if you have such.

To Edit a template

  1. Click View template on the template you want to edit
  2. Click Edit Summary to change the template summary
  3. Click on the Alternative or Factor you want to edit, and start typing
  4. Click the trash bin next to the alternative or factor you want to Delete.

7.3 Create a decision from a template

To create a decision from a template:

  1. Click View Template on the template you want to use
  2. Edit the template if needed
  3. Click Create a Decision
  4. Type the decision name, objective, tags etc.
  5. Click Create Decision

When you create a decision from a template, step 2 ( Alternatives) and 3 ( Factors & Criteria) will be imported from the template. But you can change or edit the data from the decision-making steps.

You can also create a decision from a template from your dashboard. To do so:

  1. Hover over the template you want to use
  2. Click the dropdown menu
  3. Select Create a decision