Getting Started

Chapter 6: Decisions

For instruction on how to create a new decisions, read Chapter 3.

6.1 View all decisions

Your 3 most recent or active decisions will be shown in your dashboard. To view all Decisions, click View All, or go to the Decision page from the left navigation menu.

Inside the decision page, your starred decisions will be placed in the top, while all decisions are placed below. Each decision is placed on a decision box, with some key info regarding the decision such as: Collaborators, Tags, Last Update.

Star a decision to make it easier to find in the top of the Project page. To star a project, click on the star on the decision and it will turn to blue .

To View a Decision:

  1. Hover over the decision box
  2. Click on View Decision to go to the Decision Summary
  3. Click on Edit Decision to start editing the decision.

Click on the dropdown list to:

  • To Add Collaborators to this decision.
  • To Clone the decision. This will replicate the decision and create a new copy.
  • To Use as a Template ( Read Chapter 7)
  • To Delete the decision.

6.2 Decision Summary

Once you have selected a decision to view, you will be directed to the Decision Summary page. The decision summary page contain info related to the decision, such as Decision Objective, Stakeholders, Tags, Creation Date etc. Click Edit Summary to edit the info.

In addition, you can use the tab menu to:

  1. View Recent Activities
  2. View/add Collaborator to the decision
  3. View earlier Versions of the decision
  4. View/add Documents to the decision
  5. View/add Tasks to the decision

Click the Status button to change the Status of the decision, and click the Lock icon if you want to lock the decision. You can only lock the decision if your are the decision owner. Locking the decision will prevent other collaborators from editing or changing the decision.

Click Edit Decision to go to the decision page and edit the 8 steps. Click View Report to view a full or A3 report of the decision.

To view recent changes in the decision:

  1. Click Recent Activity in the tab menu.

To view or add a collaborator to the decision:

  1. Click Collaborators from the tab menu
  2. Hover over a collaborator and click View Profile if you want to preview their profile
  3. Click Add Collaborator if you want to add a new collaborator to the project.

To view earlier versions of the decision:

  1. Click Versions from the tab menu
  2. Hover over a version and click View Version
  3. Use the dropdown menu to Edit Name or Revert to this Version.

To view or add a document to the decision:

  1. Click Documents from the tab menu
  2. Click on the document to open it.
  3. Click Add Document if you want to upload a new document to the decision.