Getting Started

Chapter 8: Decision Status

Paramount Decisions allow for decision-driven project management. You can manage decision statuses from one single place. Define the decision status to instantly update your team about the decision progress.

To view the status of all of your decisions, click on the Decision Status page from the left navigation menu.

You can mark a decision as:

  • In Progress: This is the default status
  • Completed: You have completed the decision-making process and have made a decision.
  • Approved: The decision has been approved by all stakeholders and is ready to be implemented.
  • Implemented: You have implemented the decision.

To change a decision status:

  1. Click and Hold the label of the decision you want to change
  2. Drag and Drop the decision label between columns to instantly update your team about the progress.

You can also use the drop down list on each decision label to:

  • Edit the Decision
  • View Decision Summary Page
  • Add Collaborator to the decision
  • Clone the Decision
  • Delete the Decision