Introducing Paramount

Paramount Decisions structures, systematizes and enhances the decision-making process, while also improving the speed and quality of group decisions.

All decisions, whether it is in design, engineering or any other field need to be supported by decision-making methods. The way we make a decision and the method we apply in doing so can affect the outcome. Paramount Decisions is based on a Lean decision-making system, known as Choosing By Advantages, that has been proven to be superior to other systems.

Paramount Decisions supports sound decision-making using comparisons among advantages of alternatives, while providing a transparent and collaborative environment for decision-making.

A complete dashboard to manage all your projects

quick access to your projects, decisions and templates

Manage your projects, decisions, and templates from one simple interface with the level of detail you need.

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notifications & alerts

Receive notifications, reminder, or alerts on all new updates from your team.

recent activities feed

Keep track on what is going on. View recent activities for all your projects in one convenient place or drill down by active projects, specific decisions, or templates.

Organize your decisions in projects

favorite projects

Star active projects to get easier access. Favorite projects will be placed on top.

Add Tags

Add tags to easily label, group, and manage your projects, and make them easy to find.

A complete dashboard to manage all your projects

8 simple steps to guide your decision-making process

Follow a systematic and structured approach to make your decisions. The process can help you go from defining the objectives of a decision to completing and implementing the decision.

Transparent and auditable decisions

Engage with your team in the decision-making process and communicate the rationale of your decisions with all stakeholders.

Add documents to support your decisions

Upload relevant files and documents to support your decision. View and download all related files in one place.

Save & Manage versions

Save a particular version of the decision at any time. Easily switch between previous versions to compare and contrast changes. You can even revert your changes with a single click.

Create Templates and use them on multiple decisions

Create multiple templates

Create templates for common decisions. Reuse past data to go even faster.

Edit the content

Add new information or edit the contents of the template before you share it or use it on your next decision.

Assign Tasks to Collaborators

Create Tasks related to your decision

Assign tasks for yourself or for those involved in the decision. Define due dates to each specific task and set up email reminders.

Track your progress at any time and on any device

Manage your tasks and follow the progress of your team. Notify team members when changes have been made.


Decision-driven project management

Manage decision statuses from one single place. Drag and drop decisions between columns to instantly update your team about the progress. Update your decision-making process by marking decisions as "in progress", "completed" ,"approved" or "Implemented".


Collaborate and make better group decisions

Invite stakeholders or team members to work on the same decision. All changes to your decisions are automatically updated and synced with all collaborators and on every device.

Seamless communication with all decision-makers and collaborators

Simplify your feedback process by having team members and stakeholders comment directly on your decisions. See a news feedback with updates on all your decisions in one convenient place. Keep track of all recent activities from collaborators.

Generate reports and communicate with all stakeholders

Print, download, or share reports to communicate the rationale of your decisions with all relevant stakeholders. You can choose between a full report or condensed report in an A3 format.

And Much more…

Learn from past decisions

Filter, search, find, and learn from previous decisions. Paramount Decisions supports learning and transferring of knowledge across teams and divisions in your organization.

Version Control

Paramount Decisions backup all of your files so you don't have to worry about losing information on your decisions. The version control system allows you to view past versions of your decisions.

Safe & Secure

We use the highest standard of end to end encryption for all data transfer. All data are encrypted with 128-bit AES, the same method used by banks. Your security is our highest priority.

You and your team will make better decisions with Paramount Decisions

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